Ship’s Roster: William Tinker

SC William Tinker

Deck Division

Captain: Leon Rossett

First Mate David Burnside

Second Mate Arletta Novea

Third Mate Ishmael Wang

  • Bridge Section
    • Spec2/Astrogation Binaca Consuela Garcia de Silva
    • Spec2/Ship Handling Steven Mallory
  • Watchstanders
    • AS Arnold Betts
    • AS Juliett Jaxton
    • SA Charlotte D’Heng
    • SA Richard Apones
    • SA Ulla Nart


Chief Engineer Amelia “Mel” Menas

  • Power Section:
    • Spec/3 Power Phillipa Ballantine
    • Spec/3 Grav Edmund Simon
    • Machinist Victoria VanDalon
    • Machinist Osmia Lignaria
  • Propulsion Section:
    • Spec/1 Fields Gwenyth Otsuka
    • Wiper Trace Raymond
    • Wiper Herman Mosler
  • Environmental Section:
    • Spec/1 Env Ben Brown
    • Spec/3 Env Robert Bayless
    • Engineman Joseph Cottonwood
    • Engineman Ari Baronofsky
  • Watchstanders
    • Wiper Xin Xhang

Cargo Division

Cargo Chief Frederica “Fredi” deGrut

Steward Division

  • Spec/1 Chef John Vorhees
  • MA Penelope Davies
  • MA Karen Cramer

50 Responses to Ship’s Roster: William Tinker

  1. Anne says:

    I thought Miss Jaxton was Julia or Juliette rather than Paula or Paulette. Perhaps the name changed at some point during the writing process?

  2. Nate says:

    Right you are! Thanks for catching it.

  3. Anne says:

    Obviously this a silly question, but how do you decide on the ethnicity of names? You mention several times that a certain person does not resemble a Xin Xhang for instance, and in an earth based universe that would make a lot of sense. Do you retain some sense of earth heritage from some fairly distant past that defines naming rituals? I would imagine over several centuries naming cultures would evolve on planets separately from earlier earth ethnicity. Not a complaint, I am just interested.

  4. Nate says:

    Well, it’s only 250 years in the future … this whole diaspora is relatively new and racial genomes are easier to erase than cultural stereotypes.

    As for the naming — my vision is that certain people settle in various places. The Scot-Irish-English influence is pretty strong across the Diurnia quadrant with some pockets of other heritage. In the Diurnia quadrant we have a strong Latin influence with a strong oriental influence.

    And I just get a little silly sitting around making up names so they get a bit .. strange … 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    interesting, thanks.

  6. The Bee Lady says:

    Thanks so much for posting the roster. I know this is an “audible” universe, but I do much better at remembering who is who when I can see the names at least once. Giving someone with an Asian name red hair and freckles helps me remember who is who, too. 😉 It also helps to see exactly who supervises who, as that helps the logic of the story stay in place. You left one off, though. Took me a very long time to figure out who “Billy” is. :-p If I were reading this straight through, instead of listening in pieces, I still would be imagining these people in my head – but this really helps!

    Looking forward to seeing Ish solve this puzzle!

  7. Nate says:

    I can’t wait to find out how it ends myself!

    Oh, wait …

  8. The Bee Lady says:

    Nathan – So, how did you like the ending? I loved it! 🙂 One thing though. 9 minutes into episode 25, David became Daniel. I know he was a changed man, but that’s a bit more than you meant, right?
    And, last for today – do you see the Deep Dark through Ishmael’s eyes, or does he see it through your mind’s eye?

  9. David says:

    Another excellent story Nathan! Your first person perspective on the story makes for a refreshing change. Your stories make one wish to be 250 years in the future, riding ships in the Deep Dark. I find myself listening to all the stories over and over, and passing them on to my friends. Please keep up the great work!

  10. Andreas says:

    I was surprised to hear a familiar name for the Spec/3 Power! Is she any relations to the first queen of Morevi? Or is it coincidental?


  11. Nate says:

    One and the same. i don’t know if she knows she’s in my book tho 🙂

  12. Maria says:

    I’m not quite through yet, just a few more eps to go and I’m already dreading the end and anticipating some pretty horrific Ish withdrawals. I just wanted to commend you, from the perspective of a rape survivor, on how you wrote those parts. It was just enough detail to horrify without going overboard.

    I’m also a huge fan of your turn-of-phrase ability. For example “She looked like a cat full of canary”. Excellent!

  13. Nate says:

    Thanks, Maria. These are not trivial subjects and I tried very hard to treat them respectfully. Your feed back means a lot.

    I have great fun messing with expectations on the phrasings … when I wrote that one I had an odd mental picture of a unit of measure — One Catfull. Which took me immediately into a darker measurement involving fractional cats. It wasn’t pretty.

  14. Jason says:

    First off, excellent job on Double share! My wife and I recently took a road trip from the Seattle area to Salt Lake City, she had never listened to any of your work, and as we got closer to our destination she begged and pleaded me to take detours and scenic routes to keep on listening 🙂 So, thank you so much for the world you’ve created to entertain! You have an old and new fan, in Washington, and we’ll keep spreading the word. Oh, and keep ’em comin!

  15. Digamma says:

    After enjoying the first three, Double Share got off to a bumpy start for me with the Off-Story cleanup from Full-Share. And The Parting from Bev was a little disappointing. But, Once it got started I enjoyed the story just as much. Ish’s as the great white hope while predictable was enjoayble as it didn’t go too overboard. The ending was cute as it turns out the Captain was at least partially right about why Ish was there(even though Ish didn’t know it.). More Ish Tales please or at least a cameo passing the torch to the new person.

  16. Nate says:

    We’re not done with Ishmael yet.

    And we haven’t even begun exploring the opportunities of economy as plot device 🙂

  17. Ari B. says:

    I just listened to chapter 18 on my way to work today, and damned near fell out of my seat on the subway when I learned that I’m actually working in the environmental section on the Billy!


  18. Nate says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

  19. Burlbear says:

    Nate, in the next book, are you going show how Ish earns his second mate and first mated ratings? That would lead to the next book with adventures as captain. I listen to Quarter, Half, Fullshare, and South Coast.
    The reason I ask the question is because of his experiences on “Billy”. There has to be more!

  20. Nate says:

    I dont know yet.

    It’s not my intent, but he’s got a mind of his own.

  21. Brian says:

    I just want to say these are some excellent books. I have read 4 of the five. Currently starting South Coast. As an over the road truck driver I have listened to many audiobooks. I did notice you used a few other authors names in Double Share, did they know? I have listened to most of there stuff as well… I was surprised that Ish didn’t offer up some of the recordings her made. But then again Ish does think outside the box some days. Keep up the writing. I look forward to the next book.

  22. Nate says:

    Most of them know.

  23. Quonundrum says:

    Nate, Your books are terrific and I feel very connected with the stories of Ishmael. I have corresponded with you about my grandfather. I am listening to the stories again and it feels like coming home. I hope that you will do more, but I am curious; what would you like to do next?

  24. Nate says:

    Next up is finish the “Sekrit Projekt” .. in November I’m planning Cape Grace for NaNoWriMo, and it looks like Captain’s Share and Owner’s Share get pushed into next year. :\

  25. PattyB says:

    Even though I’m sure everyone is upset that you won’t be getting to captain’s share and owner’s share for a while…just to hear that they are planned makes me have something to look foward to. I devourered Double Share in a weekend and I’ve listened to the other books 4-5 times each since I downloaded them. They are the only books that have a permanent place on my ipod! 🙂

  26. Steve says:

    All I Can say is a big THANK YOU and congratulations!! I am a 50+ year aussie (atypical though) and I was greatly impressed and really moved to laughter and tears by your writing. This is some of the most amazing material that I have ever heard.

    Congratulations – I think that your work is as good as, if not better than Heinlein at his best! Really inspiring and encouraging for ‘ordinary folk’ to listen to. I have just fininshed listening to all of the “Share” books and will listen to them again/

    I have had an amazing roller coaster ride. Laughing at the ‘mateship’ while being genuinely moved at Ishmael’s grief over leaving the Lois. Your writing in the last episode of “Full Share” is some of the most moving and honest writing of emotions that I have heard (I had to keep reminding myself – “It’s just a book!” – but WHAT a book!). I suppose that you have been around a bit, like I have, and that you can fully understand, feel and know what genuine loss is all about. Anyway it shows through here.

    Thanks again for your excellent podioboooks – you have also inspired me to take up the challenge of writing.

  27. Nate says:

    Thanks, Steve! And good luck with your efforts! The world needs more podiobooks!

  28. Robert Bayless says:

    Nate… I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I listened to Double Share for the first time and there was Bayless skulking out of officer country. I know there are a few of us around, but it was still amusing. I love the books and go back to all 5 of them every couple of months for another round. Thanks for the great entertainment and please keep it coming.

  29. Billy Uno says:

    Hey Nate. I’ve very much enjoyed listening to these stories, and in the last one here I really kinda missed some of the previous characters, but overall it’s been very good. However I do have some questions about some dangling plot threads. Did anything useful come out of Ish’s recordings? What were the Captain and David Burnside talking about when Ish left the inducer on? What was going on with Simon and Bayless in the cabin? I was really interested in all these things, and nothing ever came about from them.

    Anyway, thanks!

  30. Nate says:

    Anything useful from the recordings? No. At some point I’ll post the transcript. You’ll be disappointed.

    The Simon and Bayless plot is actually in there. You’ll have to listen again.

  31. I just finished this marvelous book. The only disappopintment is that it FINISHED. I can’t wait for more

  32. Michael says:

    Mr. Lowell,
    Were Simon, Bayless, and Capt. Rossett lovers? Or did the Captain order them into his cabin for that purpose? I’ve gathered that that’s true, but i can’t help but beg the question.

    Thank you,

  33. Nate says:

    Very good question.

  34. Robert Escamilla says:

    Nate, I very much enjoyed your audiobooks. My wife and I were planning a fun drive to the hills and I was rather disappointed when she pulled out her iPod. However, we were both so engrossed with the story, we found ourselves really connected by it. We just sat, hand-in-hand listening to Ish have his adventures while we drove to our winter get-away. Your story added to the wonderful experience of a great ski trip and vacation from our everyday routine. I’m very much looking forward to Half Share and our next trip together.

  35. Jason says:

    was capt rossett just reading the romance novels or was he writing them?

  36. Nate says:

    Hmm.. Leon Rossett … Leonora Rossetti … what do YOU think?

  37. Memline says:

    The only problem is that Rossett (he does not deserve the title “Captain”), has for years been writing romances while putting his ships and crews in danger, and probably has made more money than one of OUR favorite authors. Thank God it is only virtual money. Course all money is virtual, but let us not go there. He is probably set up for life and can, theoretically, hide out and write anywhere. ‘course, he won’t have crewmen to call to heel as easily. I wonder if he will be able to get rid of Burnside though. I can’t imagine that particular thug is as well off as Rossett. Not to mention, Rossett is well set up to be blackmailed, which would be a nice little lucrative practice for Burnside, don’t you think? He has got to have lots of “goods” on poor old Leon. It is true that Rossett may have lots on Burnside, too, but he is maybe not smart enough——or maybe I mean canny enough. He really doesn’t seem to be in this world, does he? Just a few thoughts.

  38. Syl says:

    First, I wanted to say that your stories are awesome. The world you have created is fantastic but also very real. I have visited this site before I think you used have information on the various ship designs including drawings. Do you have that information. I’m interested in dimensions both external and internal, and specs. Thanks and keep up the good work. Listening to the Trader’s Tales have made me long for the deep dark many times while at work.

  39. Nate says:

    I had some that I had to take down until I could get it redrawn.

    I’ve got some that hasn’t been uploaded.. and there’s stuff here that’s buried in posts that I need to organize.


    One of these days when I’m out of stories to write, I’ll get to it 😀

  40. Josh says:


    Sounds like you need to get one of your legion of Lowellites to volunteer to manage your website for you. I’m sure one of the thousands has the correct combination of skill, inclination, and time available.

  41. Syl says:


    I’d love to put together some illustrations for you, no charge just for the fun of it. I would submit them to you for your approval and to check for accuracy. If your interested let me know how you would like to do this.

  42. david says:

    I just re-listened to DS for the 3rd time, and noticed something – Freddi mentions that she “doesn’t even get to pick the cargo”. Why wouldn’t she pick the cargo if she’s cargo chief? Avery Wyatt was expected to pick his cargo for Agamemnon, and we all know how that worked out…

  43. Nate says:

    Because Fredi was on a bulk hauler and they only had one cargo at a time that was contracted through the main office.

    The tractors have different rules.

  44. David says:

    Oh, didn’t realize that. 😉

  45. David says:

    Ah, but in CS, Capt Dorkman, er, Dellman is marveling at how good the Tinker’s cargo handler’s cargo picking is… I guess the rules changed between the beginning of DS and the beginning of CS.

  46. David says:

    Re: Vorhees… I just found the reference. You are an evil, evil man, Mr. Lowell.

  47. Roger C says:

    Halfway thru DS on Kindle. Your roster above is a great help keeping the character’s straight. Been a while since reading FS and after reading a bunch of Sci-Fi shoot-em-ups it took me some time to get back in the swing of things here. THOROUGHLY ENJOYING it now. Thank you.

  48. Roger C says:

    PS Hope I don’t have to wait as long for the kindle CS and OS issues!

  49. The Captain says:

    Me, too, Roger. Me, too.

  50. Robert says:

    This may be a spoiler/stupid question. In Ashes Born Pip said he was board doing fast packet and in double share Freddi said there is not much for Cargo Chiefs to do on bulk freighters. Unless Pip gets/has his 3rd mates qualifications and does both he will be board out of his skull. Unless he spends all his time in his cabin sulking, learning other sectors/darkside trading conditions or getting drunk.

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