Ship’s Roster: Agamemnon

Deck Division

Captain Ishmael Wang

First Mate Gwen Thomas

Second Mate William Pall

Watch Standers

  • AS Brandon Hill
  • AS Wendell Schubert
  • OS Zachary Ricks/AS Stacy Arellone

Engineering Division

Chief Engineer Gretchen Gerheart

Cargo Division

Chief Cargoman Avery Wyatt

Steward Division


54 Responses to Ship’s Roster: Agamemnon

  1. Anita Lewis says:

    Hi Michael. I see what you mean. I didn’t see it that way, because when I was in the Army we used a truck called a “Deuce and a half” which could carry two and a half tons. The truck empty weighs about 13, 000 pounds or six and a half tons. I assumed this one ton range meant cargo capacity. It would weigh far more than the truck I mentioned due to all the equipment you mentioned at minimum.

  2. The Captain says:

    Anita has the right of it.

    It’s not the mass of the yacht – although I could see why you might think that. In this case “one ton” is the cargo capacity, not the displacement.

  3. Frank Gerlach says:

    I’ve been reading books on Kindle Unlimited, however if buying your novels is better for you,please let me know so I can start buying your stories outright. I was under the impression that authors were paid about the same? If that’s not what’s happening let me know so I can put money in your pocket because you are the creator and should get the lion’s share of what’s being paid for your books.

  4. Michael Martin says:

    OK, that makes more sense, but still … one ton capacity? This still seems a bit light.

    Even just a system shuttle would have more. Lifeboats probably have more than that. Heck, I’ve had pick-up trucks with more than one ton capacity. Even for a small yacht, this seems a little on the light side.

    A yacht with a one ton capacity sounds like a pick-up truck with a 50 pound maximum payload.

    I still think ‘kiloton’ fits better than ‘ton’. It’s a bit more realistic, yet a small enough capacity to not even think of actually going commercial.

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