Yes, that’s how I feel these days. Between being sick and dealing with illness in the family, it’s been hard to find the umph to push new stuff out.

But L. J. Cohen has a great new book out, Derelict. I read a piece of this last year and was honored to provide some marketing blurbage earlier this spring. It’s out now and I can highly recommend it.

Grab a sample and see if you agree.

Now, I need to get back to getting better.

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Old Hickory Lane

While you’re waiting for me to get the next book out…

A colleague has released Old Hickory Lane on Amazon. (Sorry Kobo and B&N folks. It’s in Select for the moment.)

I had the opportunity to proof read this one a few weeks back and it’s top notch. It’s more fantasy than SF but it’s the same kind of coming of age story that I know many of you enjoy.

If you’ve a mind to, why don’t you grab a sample and see if it’s something you’d like?

Lemme know what you think – and whether you want me to keep recommending stuff that I think some of you will enjoy.

In the meantime, safe voyage.

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Owner’s Share

6Owners_Share_Cover_ebookIn case you missed the news, Owner’s Share is now available!



Kobo – still waiting for them to approve it.

Yes, I’ll be publishing the paperbacks as soon as I finish the earlier books in the series.

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Federated Freight

federate_freight_newSome time ago I got a Galaxy Note II and I love it. One of the very first things I did was make a “ship’s tablet” background for it. One of my Tweeps as a new phone and reminded me that I never gave this thing out so … here ya go.

Click thru for the full sized png.

Happy Hollandaise!

ETA: I had some requests for larger formats and different aspects.

federated_freight_laptop_skinHere’s a really large landscape version ( 2940×1934 ).

federate_freight_largeHere’s a larger landscape version ( 1600×1280 )without the variations in color banding.

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Yule Tide Greetings!

In a few short days it’ll be the shortest day of the year. After that the real work begins.

During November I worked on the final book of the Tanyth Fairport trilogy and set up the model that I want to shoot for in 2014. Here’s the plan.

This month I’m going to finish recording and producing Zypheria’s Call for podcast.

Starting next month, I’m going to write a new book every other month. I’ve already done one book (Hermit Of Lammas Wood) and the next book will be the much awaited Cape Grace – Sarah Krugg’s story leading up to her departure for the spaceport and her new life on the Lois. This is going to be a tough one because it’s sandwiched between South Coast and Half Share.

I’ve also planned a three book series featuring Ishmael Wang in a new role. He’s no longer a ship captain, but has a new mission. The series is tentatively titled “Seeker’s Tales from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper.” Those of you who’ve listened to Owner’s Share know he has some unfinished business to take care of.

Also a three book series featuring a new crew. The main character is Natalya Regyri and she’s a…well…she’s an asteroid miner. Sort of. She has some side jobs that she does for people now and again. This series is tentatively titled “Smuggler’s Tales from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper.” The rationale for this series is that we haven’t really seen what’s under the surface of this universe. Natalya and her friend, Zoya Usoko, don’t work the bright and shiny space ways that Ishmael knows. They live where the corporations have little sway and where “Confederated Planets” is a curse. I’ve been planning this for a long time and I’m really pleased to begin unfolding it for you.

So that’s eight new titles on the table – the first of which – The Hermit of Lammas Wood – went to the editor today. Tentatively scheduled for a February delivery date, we’ll see how fast we can whip this into shape.

I’m working with a collection of editors to try to keep new stories coming even when one of them gets bogged down and buried by life. Right now, all the books I have finished are with editors — Owner’s Share, South Coast, and Hermit of Lammas Wood. As soon as any of those come back, I’ll get them published. I’ve got covers for all of them already and just need the books to put behind them.

In the off months, I’m planning to record, publish, and generally get caught up on the part of the work that you all depend on me for — getting the work out to you.

Can I do it? I really don’t know. I’m going to try and we’ll see how far I get before I collapse.

Stay tuned.

PS. YES! I am working on paperbacks and YES, I’m still planning on doing a hardcover set. No, I don’t know when that’ll all happen. Paperbacks are fill-in work. Hardcovers are well down the road.

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