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I wish I had some.

I sent the draft to Ridan in June. They haven’t gotten it back to me yet. There’s a stub in Amazon for pre-orders, but that’s only for paper. So far we still cannot set up a preorder for ebooks. I’m guessing that — unless they accept the manuscript I sent without any edits — we’re not going to make the Sept 1 date.

What I’m doing is getting Zypheria’s Call ready to go. It’s taking forever because I’m being slow and stupid but it is coming.

Sorry there’s not more — or better — news.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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  1. Kory Hoopes says:

    We’ve been through the wait before so no worries. 🙂

  2. barbinbandon says:

    Thank you so much for updating us … even if there is no news. I check in every day, hoping, and imagine that others do the same.

    Best regards.

  3. Doug says:

    Have you ever considered using Kickstarter to fund a book? I’ve seen a lot of people using it for an array of projects, and I bet you have enough of a fan base to make it a possibility…

  4. Cal says:

    That’s a good idea, Doug. I would support that. And Barb is right. I also check in everyday for news, or non-news.

  5. Sean says:

    By Prometheus’ poor publishing performance (to channel Pip a bit)… You were expecting anything else?

  6. eric says:

    I’m surprised Amazon will not allow pre-orders for your e-books… they do for others (admittedly, non-fiction books.) And so does Barnes & Noble. I set an order for an ebook via Nook last week, that was not scheduled to deliver until this week.

  7. Josh L. says:

    Any update even if its an update of “nothings happened yet” is great. Keep up the good work Sar.

  8. I agree, any update even “no news” is better than nothing.

    Keep on grinding away at it and everything will work out.

    I know we can be an impatient lot, but delays aren’t going to chase us away. You still get content out more often than many of my other favorite authors do/did.

  9. Betsy C. says:

    Thanks for the update. I noticed the publication date for Double Share on Amazon, but I must admit I had my doubts.

    Eric, Amazon usually does allow pre-orders of kindle books, but I think they usually wait until they actually have it ready or very close to ready to distribute. That’s why I doubted the Sept 1 publication date.

    NL — Don’t lose your enthusiasm. Your books are worth waiting for.

  10. Delbert says:

    Good to get status check.
    On ship, no news is good news. 😉

  11. Betsy C. says:

    From Amazon, re Sept 1 pub date for Double Share: “PLEASE NOTE: This book is being added for pre-order purposes and the actual date has yet to be determined. We (the publisher) are still waiting on a final manuscript from the author, and will update the release date as we know more. Please keep in mind that this is an arbitrary date at this point.”

  12. Sean says:

    Same note is on both Captain’s Share and Owner’s Share. Double Share is already out… 🙂

  13. Thanks for the update, Nate! I’ve been checking in periodically to see if you were making any headway. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you. Chin up brother: we’re still here and will wait as long as it takes.

  14. Chuck says:

    Well there is some good news. As of Aug 29, 2012 you are still alive and interested in publishing your books LOL

  15. Tom Darcy says:

    Doc, have you given up on the solar clipper series?

  16. Paul Jeffrey says:

    I am hooked on this series. I purchased the first 4 ebooks and I can’t wait fo the next ones to be available. Having people being people with having to deal with real problems/issues and how little changes can make a big difference in their lives makes the story live. Admittedly the story being set in space doesn’t hurt either.

  17. David says:

    We’ll wait! I just finished listening to CS for the nth time; maybe it’s time to re-listen to DS. 🙂

  18. Catherine says:

    I agree that some news is better than no news. You only have the two books left with Ridan (Captain’s and Owners). Hopefully there will be better resouces for your future works. I check in every day and am also monitoring Lammas Woods. Keep plugging away! We’re all loyally waiting.

  19. Deb Van Zelfden says:

    I’ve read all the series up to the last chapter of Captain’s Share. I’m saving it 😉

    Read Double Share twice and may have to read Captain’s Share twice.

    I am really enjoying your writing and your voice in reading your stories. I admit I’m greedy and want more..but getting published…even if it not the first time requires assured I’ll wait with you.

  20. Alan Saylor says:

    Thanks for the update Nate! Knowing you are out there working on itakes my day.

  21. MadGastronomer says:

    This is not the only place Ridan is falling down on the job. Months ago, I ordered and paid for the StarBridge ebooks through Ridan’s site. I never received them, nor did I receive any response to my inquiries. Last week, I tried it again anyway. I have received no ebooks and no response to my two emails. Ridan doesn’t offer these books on Smashwords, only through Kindle and Nook services (neither of which is a reader I use). I paid at Ridan in an effort to get Ms. Crispin as much of the cover price as possible, but now in order to actually get the books I’ve already paid for twice, I would have to buy them a third time through a third party and then strip the DRM and convert the file to make it readable for me. At this point, I don’t care how many personal problems they’re having over there, they’re just massively unprofessional, and need to shut down until they sort their shit out.

  22. Patrick says:

    @MadGastronomer I would try and make contact to A.C Crispin on her own site she’s fighting her own health battle right now to but she needs to know whats going on. If you paid by paypal go and challenge the charges I personally would never order an ebook from Ridan

  23. Patrick says:

    Just wondering how many orders Nathan has pending from Ridan’s website this is just Pathetic.
    No one is at the wheel of the ship and its headed for the rocks

  24. Patrick says:

    Well this is odd she must be trolling this site and others as of 10:30 am pacific time 9/10/2012 Ridan Publishing website has gone dark

  25. Annie says:

    It may not be connected – there’s a network-wide attack on all GoDaddy sites at the moment. If Ridan was one of these sites it may have nothing to do with her.

    Which doesn’t excuse the lack of attention, promotion and decency.

  26. Riffraff says:

    I am looking forward to the Captain’s Share. I have greatly enjoyed the last 4 books in the series.
    Please consider going beyond Owner’s Share and continuing the saga of Ishmael Wang!

  27. Sean says:

    The Ridan site is up again If you read the linked blog for Michael Sullivan, it is quite apparent what the Sullivan’s have been doing. Travel, promoting his books, and vacation.

    Certainly not doing the work they have promised their authors, or fulfilling sales from the sounds of it.

    Which is a pity as the better authors are the ones getting ignored, and having their sales and fan base damaged, like Nathan.

  28. MadGastronomer says:

    Thanks, Patrick, I’ve sent an email off to her.

  29. D Wolf says:

    Nathan, first time posting but I’ve listened to all your podcast novels. I admit I am a sigler junkie but I must say you are a truly great talent! I agree with everyone on this post in saying keep on keeping on! As your fans we will support you and wait for new stories patiently. Can’t wait to hear the new story collaboration with the FDO! Also, I wish some network bigwigs would take a chance and make a tv series out of your trader tales. Ok ok I’m ranting now so with that I say PEACE OUT!

  30. Jim says:

    I’ll continue to wait for the rest of the Clipper series, but they are the last books I will ever purchase from Ridan.
    I had intended to pick up more of Ms Crispin’s books, the other Starbridge books, and Sullivan’s stuff were (past tense) on my ‘to read’ list. They have been removed.

    Nathan, it’s been a long time since I ran across a series that I had to read cover to cover before I could go to sleep. I have read thousands of books over the years, I average 6-8 month.
    I read Quarter, Half and Full back to back in 3 days, I couldn’t help myself. I patiently waited for Double, and devoured it almost as quickly.
    I will purchase Cptain’s and Owner’s because I MUST read them. Other than that, I can’t let any more of my hard earned money go into the coffers of what is, to me, such an irresponsible publisher.
    Best of luck ! I currently have Ravenwood and Light in the dark waiting on my tablet, I started re-reading another long series recently, and those two are queued up to read after that, purchased them just because they were your work, but they do look enticing

  31. Tom R says:

    I love your work and can’t wait for the next installment. I work in printing, and I must say that you are getting a raw deal from your publisher. Your desire to stick with someone you gave your word to is honorable, but what about their word to you? At the end of the day, we as your fans want to see you succeed so that you continue your work. I don’t think that Ridan is helping you with that. Sometimes simple momentum is a powerful sales tool. Look at 50 Shades. My wife read it and after glancing at a couple dismal pages, I would say writing like yours should make you a mint. You should take care of yourself and your family. Ridan doesn’t seem to have your interests at heart. Like any relationship, sometimes it’s just time to move on.

  32. Barry Singer says:

    Personally, I think that as a publisher, Ridan is beyond contempt. I think they have done nothing to further your career. I applaud your sticking with them through your sense of honor, but I have a question. Financially did you do better with your self publishing efforts? I don’t need the answer I just ask for the future. After the share books are eventually out, would that be the better route for you? From these pages and your awards and sales at Amazon, you seem established well enough to go alone. We, your crew will follow you however it is best for you.

  33. I would advise against anyone ordering my StarBridge books at this time, especially from the Ridan website.

    I will have more information to provide to you after October 5, 2012.

    -Ann C. Crispin

  34. MadGastronomer says:

    Ann Crispin just got back from vacation and responded. She told me to reverse charges, as Ridan doesn’t seem to be honoring any orders at this time. She has sent them a termination letter, and will be rereleasing Starbridge under her own imprint soon.

  35. Patrick says:

    Ann Crispan leaving Ridan Thats a big hit to author lineup at Ridan
    I wonder if any of the authors on Ridans site are getting paid she’s not honoring any orders
    The begining of the end of Ridan

  36. Sean says:

    R.e. the StarBridge series being released by someone other than Ridan… Excellent! That means I can finally finish reading the series.

    Now I just hope we can eventually read the Share books as well. I’ll miss the nice covers, bu I’d buy ’em with plain covers if necessary. And, really, there are some excellent artists out there. Sullivan is not that special.

  37. Patrick says:

    What’s going on at Ridan to completely ignor the authors you already contracted with ignor customers continue to take money for books but don’t actually transmit the ebook to the customer is fraud. Alienate your existing authors to the point they terminate their contracts. miss dates the Sept Captains share release date But they did publish a new author its not on their website Engraved on the Eye by Saladin Ahmed Published by Ridan on 9-19-2012 WTF

  38. memline says:

    Nathan, the Ridan covers are gorgeous, but so are others (unless they involve a sexy jeans glad female’s a– with her looking over her shoulder from an urban landscape—-never mind, private disaster area, sort of like your zombies). Some of your star maps are great. I can think of lots of good ideas and I know you will too. I’d follow Ann C. Business is business and your books are your business.

  39. Tara Li says:

    Cover art could be done with Second Life to generate some incredible stuff.

  40. Jim says:

    I’m very happy to see that note about the Starbridge books… looking forward to reading them without lining Ridan’s pocket.

  41. memline says:

    Sounds to me that R and M S had already mentally given up on Ridan. Can’t think of any other explanation for what they are doing. Too bad, really.

  42. Patrick says:

    if they have given up on ridan why did they publish a new author on 9/19 ???

  43. Frank Gerlach says:

    I was raised in Montana. We had a saying which was, “Talks cheap, whisky costs money.”Now I don’t know if that saying was originally from Montana,but its true where ever it comes from. You’ve done right by Ridan, they have not done right by you. In the words of an old rancher, move your cattle to a different range, and don’t look back unless its to makes sure the bastards are not following you.

  44. memline says:

    They may be trying to give a new author a leg up, or figure he does not have the clout to argue, but to dump Nathan and Ann C. Crispin and probably a few other authors who do have some clout is tantamount to saying something not publishable here. They went out of town and on vacation for heavens sake. Great way to run a business. Besides, you pretty much can run a business from your laptop. Didn’t even try that, or explain, send an email, try to do anything? They just fizzled. Sounds like they just didn’t care to me.

  45. Sean says:

    It will be interesting to see if Ms. Crispin posts an alert on Writer Beware r.e. Ridan.

    But of greater importance, now perhaps we can turn our attention to the far better question: Nathan, how can we assist you? Reviewers? Editors? Massive letter and email campaigns? I’d be willing to bet there’s a significant amount of talent out here eager to support you with the more tedious aspects of getting your stories produced, if only out of vested self interest. After all, you’ll never be able to write as fast we can read – even with ten fingers to our two eyes…

  46. Patrick says:

    IMHOP I think we all know who the better author’s were on the now defunct Ridan site they should have their vendor licence revoked for fraudulantly taking money without delivering a product I learned a lesson along time ago to never pay for an ebook from them, when someone was barely awake at the helm, it took at least 3 days to get the book, amazon is instant. After the 30 day window is up for all the authors who get out while the getting is good and everything comes to light publicaly I feel bad for the new author they suckered in just recently

  47. Rob says:

    @ Patrick

    On their website, Ridan explicitly stated that any e-books would be sent out on the next business day after the transaction was completed. I’m guessing that the idea was so they could check if payment had gone through the banking system properly before sending off the goods. I have absolutely *no* problem with this approach. Amazon are a huge company so any comparison with the way small publishers are able operate is totally unrealistic!

    I have absolutely no idea what the problem at Ridan is, but they have obviously let down their authors and customers very badly due to lack of timely communications. Not meeting publishing deadline is never a good thing, but to not inform at least the authors so affected is a total failure of business operations, let alone any ethical considerations.

  48. andrew says:

    i notice ridans website seems to have had no updates since june.

  49. Patrick says:

    he shit is just started to hit the fan,128742.msg1903024.html#msg1903024

    Its gonna get ugly

    I think some are gonna hit them up directly when the show for the panel on Oct 14 NY Comic con

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