Status Update

Some of you have already finished Captain’s Share are asking about the availability of Owner’s Share.

The book is at the editor’s and as soon as it comes back, I’ll publish it. Don’t look for it this month (August) and probably not September either, but October is possible–even likely.

Keep an eye open here and I’ll keep you updated as to where the process is.

Right now I’m working on the galley proof for Quarter Share. I have hardcopy paper and I’m marking it up. I’m distressed to find a lot of the changes that I *thought* had been made are not reflected in this version. It’ll take some time…probably until the end of the week and then another round of proof copies before paperbacks become available.

All the Shares through Captain are now available on Nook and Kobo as well as Kindle. The Apple store rejected the first round of epubs but I’m hoping the second round will be accepted. They take a couple of weeks to clear so both of you iBook people will have to hold on a while longer.

My immediate goal is to get all the books published in all the available formats before I start trying to do anything new. I realize that this is an unpopular decision for those of you who are looking for new content right now, but I’ve almost got the new foundations laid and it won’t be too much longer.

Next book is probably going to be Book 3 of the Tanyth Fairport Adventures – the Hermit of Lammas Wood.

The book after that will probably be the long delayed Cape Grace (the sequel to South Coast).

Next year there will be another Golden Age trilogy featuring new ships and crews, and another Ishmael Wang trilogy as well. That means I’m planning for a new book every other month. It’ll be a stretch but I think I can do it. The foundations I’m laying now–the delays you’ve been enduring–will pay dividends then if I can pull it off.

Stay tuned.

Safe voyage.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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23 Responses to Status Update

  1. Jerome says:

    Any news on print versions of Captain’s Share? I’m not an ebook reader so I’ve forced myself to sit on my hands and wait for the print versions to come out!

  2. Jason K. says:

    Super excited to hear about new Golden Age and Ishmael Wang stories!

  3. Tara Li says:

    My level of Squee just went OVER 9000!!!!!!

  4. randy hunt says:

    Great news! I pray everything works out for you…

  5. Josh L. says:

    That’s great to hear! As we’ve all said before we’re a patient lot. Best to get one project done then move onto the next. I look forward to the hard cover copies and the new content. 🙂

  6. Eddy Black says:

    Wow – An Ishmael Wang trilogy and a Solar Clipper Trilogy in 2014 – that will be fantastic!

  7. Shellie says:

    Nathan, I have to say, the more content you put out, the happier I will be! I am so glad that you are continuing on with these stories. My husband had never heard of them until I shared them off my Nook. He is currently power-reading Captain’s Share and enjoying every moment!

  8. Lance says:

    Wow, that is better news than I ever expected to hear. If you can even keep at 50% of that rate I will be thrilled, if you can pull it all off I’ll be poor 😉 I’m looking forward to the next year!!!

  9. Jessica says:

    I just finished Owner’s Share. It took the wind out of my sails when I realized this was the end. This is all that there was.. and then I read the last paragraph of this post, and I couldn’t be happier. Guess I’ll just sit around on the Orbital, waiting to go back into the Deep Dark with you…

  10. The Captain says:

    Print versions are in production now. I’ve been working on Quarter Share all week and Half Share is in the hopper. It’ll be at least a month before I get paperbacks for Captain’s Share thru the mill.

    The good news is that the process hiccups I’m having now will smooth out as I go along so the third and fourth books won’t take as long.

  11. Tumbleweed says:

    For those who don’t have ebook readers and are patiently waiting the printed books, be aware there are free ebook reader programs for computers; you don’t need an actual ebook reader to read ebooks. Amazon’s Cloud reader is quite nice. On my 24″ monitor, I can make it full screen and it’s sooo nice to read on my old, tired eyes. I actually prefer to read ebooks this way rather than on my tiny Kindle. My monitor has actual black on white text rather than medium grey on light grey. 🙂

  12. Tumbleweed says:

    Also, Nathan, that’s really great news! And I certainly don’t mind you getting the foundation in place first. You don’t want to live in a house without a foundation.

  13. pennyfarthing says:

    Starting a dedicated column in my new book fund. And hanging out at the Jump in anticipation.

  14. Jerome says:

    Good to hear about the print editions :), Can’t wait!

    Regarding ebooks: I personally love reading physical books, I tend to get distracted easily and I can’t really get into books as much with electronic formats for whatever reason.

  15. Tim McGinty says:

    I hate your books! I can’t put them down and they don’t come out fast enough! I can’t wait for Owner’s Share!

  16. Rosaleen says:

    Catching up after greedily guzzling (and ADORING) your Podiobooks(PB) releases of the Solar Clipper and first Llamas story some 18 months ago. What’s new with your audio publications in the past year? Trying to navigate PB search is — challenging! Thanks for much joy. R

  17. randy d hunt says:

    is the e-book edition of south coast going to be published before cape grace?

  18. The Captain says:

    Rosaleen – I need to record Zypheria’s Call. That’s the only book I haven’t done a podiobooks version of yet. It’s on the slate for … well … September now.

  19. Lup86 says:

    Hi Nathan,

    i really love your books! The focus on trade and the life of Ishmael is something i did search for.

    But i have a question: Where are the four years of Ishmael that are lost after “Full-Share” to “Double-Share”. At the end of “Full-Share” he is 19-20 years old. The Academy should go 4 years. But in Double-Share he is already 28. So where are the years? Or overread i the explanation?

    Thank you for your books and work faster on the promised ones! 😀

  20. The Captain says:

    Hi, Lup. I may have messed up but I *thought* he was 21 when he started and would have turned 25 the summer after graduation.

  21. Michelle says:

    Loved Captain’s Share and I’m eagerly awaiting Owner’s Share. Hearing that more of Tanyth’s adventures are coming AND new Deep Dark journeys? It’s like Christmas is coming early 🙂

  22. Donna F. says:

    This has been one of the most enjoyable feel-good series I’ve read in a very long time. So weary of zombies and doom! I look forward to Owner’s Share; meanwhile, I’m checking out Tanyth.

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