6 Responses to Paperbacks Available

  1. Josh L. says:

    I am patiently awaiting the hardcovers. Great to see the paperbacks on amazon now though. I hope for your continued success Nathan. 😀 I also look forward to future novels, both audio and print.

  2. Just ordered mine today!

  3. Patrick Phillips says:

    Although I did receive my paperback from ridan it has a weird flaw on the first page an edge of paper that’s folded and not bound oh well next shot will be the Hard bound and for the person in the future who will figure out a way for authors to autograph the ebook 🙂
    Just Sayin

  4. Steven DeAraujo says:

    I love the Golden Age “share” books. I have listened to all 6 podiobooks twice. I have the first two books and just ordered the third. Cant wait to complete the set!! Keep Wong flying!

  5. Nate says:

    Thanks, Steven.

    There *are* two other books there for you to listen to as well.

    Just in case you need something extra to add to your rotation — and don’t overlook Michael J. Sullivan’s “The Crown Conspiracy” either. I produced that podcast for him and a lot of people really like it. I know *I* got a kick out of recording it.

  6. Steven DeAraujo says:

    Thanks Nate,
    I have listened to all three Podcasts you mentioned. All good but I’m into the “Fly Boy” and his world, I guess I’m a spacer at heart.

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