Music Credits

The following is a comprehensive list of music that I’ve used in the various books.

Quarter Share: Lucky Black Cat – James Curran (cc-nd-nc)
Half Share: Banks of Newfoundland – Peter James Conlan (public domain)
Full Share: Foxhunters – James Curran (cc-nd-nc)
Double Share: Medley of Jigs – Great Big Sea (used with permission).
Captain’s Share: Masons Apron – J F Archer (used with permission)

South Coast: Wish – Raphael Garcia Perdigon (used with permission)

Ravenwood: The Hill – Ivan Chew (used with permission)

7 Responses to Music Credits

  1. holly wilson says:

    Nathan, Well im totally hooked, on your stories, and the way you read them – as if your truly there – with Isamel, Rachel, on the Lois Mckendrick or in Ravenwood watching the townsfolke from a tree high above waiting for your dinner of rabbit – thank you so much ! I am/was a n avid reader – now I listen to my books while I work, alas to become responsible for more than just yourself! Single mother I am – So now blessed be I can enjoy your tales and stories while I work –

    Keep’em coming Nathan –


  2. Mike McFarland says:

    Thanks so much for all the hours of listening enjoyment. Now that Owners Share is half (audio) published, it is probably time to update the Music Credits page. PS. Very nice revanp of the Durandus site.

  3. Christina Boyd says:

    Nathan, I must say I am hooked on the Trader’s tails. The funny thing is that I started listening to your stories almost at the very end without resizing it. One can always tell someone is a good story teller when it doesn’t matter where you enter into the story, weather it be at the beginning or the end. A good tale will sweep you along like the ocean’s tide. Keep your podcasts coming and I will continue to enjoy them =)

  4. james says:

    i love traders tales im on owners share at the moment and have just downloaded the songs shown above they’re great i love this kind music and your books.

  5. John says:

    Terrific. I even put a halt to a favourite Audible book so that I could listen through! Don’t stop now…

  6. Walter says:

    My wife and I have been listening to the Trader’s Tales on our weekly 100 (one way) mile drive. Please don’t stop.

  7. Bella says:

    My father forced me to listen to the books and I’m obsessed! I love the choices of music you make and they make the listen even more enjoyable! Keep them coming!

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