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All the books from the Golden Age universe can be found as free audio downloads from and the iTunes Music Store.

As of September, 2015, I’ve pulled all my ebooks from the various marketplaces. I’ll be concentrating on Amazon for the time being.

Trader’s Tales

Quarter Share Cover

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Quarter Share

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Quarter Share

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Half Share

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Half Share

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Captain’s Share

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Owner’s Share

Shaman’s Tales

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Print version – Coming Soon.
Cape Grace – Still on the way.

If you’ve a taste for fantasy, try Stories from the Lammas Wood and a Tanyth Fairport Adventure.

And if you’d like to subscribe to the Master Feed, you’ll automatically be subscribed to each new title as it comes out including new releases of Stories from the Lammas Wood. (warning: you may need to tell your feedreader NOT to download all the episodes you’ve got already!)

320 Responses to Get the Books

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  2. Josh Fussell says:

    Do you have plans to make hardback copies of your other books available? I am about to buy my second one, because I gave my first copy away to someone I thought would love it, but I really want to own them all in hardback.

  3. The Captain says:

    Yes, Josh. The plan is to get all the books out in hardcover. We’re almost done with the #250 of Quarter Share. They’re signed and numbered and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

    So far the rest of the books haven’t been produced. I’m focusing on getting the books for sale in some readable format before we get into specific editions. 🙂

  4. Tom says:

    I really wish Mr Lowell would write more on the “Solar Clipper” series. In my opinion it is on a par with Tolken. Please write more.

  5. The Captain says:

    I will and thanks, Tom

  6. CapBlye says:

    Mr Lowell,
    I have been a Merchant Mariner for over 25 years.
    I simply wanted to thank you for Quarter Share.
    You have captured my first ship experience so succinctly, I felt like i was a 17 year old Ordinary again.
    Thanks for that.

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  8. Alan Pangborn says:

    I’ve never left a comment on an author’s site before, and there have been some authors that I’ve totally loved (and a couple whom I did love and was tempted to say something when they did something completely stupid and ruined their books for me). But when I came across this site in a search for something else, I decided to leave my mark.

    I am a voracious reader. I wouldn’t call it an exaggeration to say that I read (or re-read) close to $1,000 worth of books every year (at mass market paperback prices). I came across Quarter share accidentally. First two times I saw it, it seemed only vaguely interesting. Eventually, I bought it on a whim and when I did read it, I completely devoured it. Please don’t take it as an insult when I say the story is simple and light because in this case, it’s a complement. I fell in love with the characters and was cheering Ish (almost literally at times) on his accomplishments because they were every day, every man goals and accomplishments. You could feel the effort he put into things, the way people were coming around him to support him in subtle and not so subtle ways. I’ve enjoyed every book of the series so far (though I’ll admit I was a bit sad when he left the Lois since I loved the characters so much!) and am eagerly awaiting the final two books.

    I’ll leave with just one last comment: I’ve been spreading the word of this book to everyone whom I think would like it. And I say to them, ‘There is no villain, no evil plot. It’s simply a story about a young man growing up, and it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever read.’

  9. Todd Oliver says:

    Thank you so much for the books. I listened through the Wong Series in about a week. I hope you add to the series, actually. Do you have plans to do so?

  10. Brennan says:

    Hi Nathan — I’m really confused… I had been looking about once every 6 months or so for the next in the Trader series and I see it’s come out — but while your website says I can purchase ebook formats of Double Share, I can’t for the life of me find it here or on Amazon. What’s the story? I pretty much use Kindle exclusively now, and considering that’s how I learned about your work originally, I’m disappointed that I can’t continue to read it in that format (so much so that I’ll likely abandon the series). I’m sure it’s probably documented here somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it.

  11. The Captain says:

    Double Share came out last May in ebook and paper.

    Since then I’ve dissolved my relationship with Ridan and I’m in the process of re-issuing the books under my own label.

    It’s been an avalanche of details and I’m struggling to dig out.

    Hang in.

  12. yonkeltron says:

    So does this mean that we can expect a significant delay in the ebook and/or print releases of Captain’s Share and Owner’s Share?

    Thanks for your honest and the status updates. As a fan, it really means a great deal.

  13. The Captain says:

    I’m working on rolling out the re-releases now. The editing on Captain’s Share is about 1/3rd done and should be complete by the time I have the old books republished.

    “Significant delay” — not if I can help it but I’m also not going to rush to pub.

  14. Claudia Taylor says:

    I wont to get South Coast, Shaman Tales for a gift. Do you have them available?. Love all your books. And love listing to you read, it brings the story to life.

  15. The Captain says:

    Sorry, Claudia. Not yet. I’ve been focused on getting the backlist up. 🙁

  16. Robert says:

    I know lots of you love audiobooks or podiobooks but I prefer reading the books. Is there a way to get Captains Share and or Owners Share on kindle or ebook? Or am I being stupid and the podiobook has that option.

  17. The Captain says:

    Robert, neither Captain’s nor Owner’s have been produced in print yet.

  18. J Jones says:

    I am confused by the current publication schedule. I’ve had full share and double share as ebooks for quite a long time, but the post/site is now listing double share as “coming soon” in Spring 2013.

    When will Captain’s share and Owner’s share be available?

  19. The Captain says:

    J- I fired my publisher so I’m having to re-release all the books under my own brand.

    Double Share is due for re-release this month (I hope).
    Captain’s Share is due out before the end of May.
    Owner’s Share is still in edit mode and I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll get it done by mid summer.

    Then the Share books will be done.

  20. Kathy Bristol says:

    Question: When the remaining books come out, will they be available through Barnes and Noble for the Nook e-reader?

  21. Chris says:

    Your Trader Tales series has given me great pleasure and entertainment in its Podcast form. When the first three books came out originally in the iBook store, I bought them all and reread them. Is there any chance we might see the reedited e-books in the iBooks store or the nook store? The only reason I ask is because I am blind, And Amazon Kindle is anything but accessible. In fact, the other major players in the e-book industry have made sure to create apps which allow blind people to read e-books that we purchase. Amazon has deliberately not Done so. I look forward to the time when I can repurchase the first three and all the others in e-book form provided they are accessible. Thanks again for the podcasts and awesome stories!

  22. Julie Yanny says:

    Thank you Thank you I am so happy to hear that Captain’s Share and Owner’s Share are finally coming out in e-book. I don’t like audio because it takes so much longer to get through but I did it to finish the series I just had to know what happened to Ish. I will buy and enjoy reading them so much more and so many times. thanks again

  23. Lance says:

    Since I have all of your books in epub already, do your newly re-edited versions contain any changes to warrant re-purchasing the new versions, or are they simply housecleaning of spelling, grammar, and replacing wrong words? I ask because I cleaned up the things that bugged me in my copies a long time ago (DS took a looong time). Also, does the Amazon Kindle edition include an epub version, or are they mobi only (I use a Nook)?

  24. The Captain says:

    The re-edits do not warrant repurchase (in my opinion). They are more closely aligned to the audio versions.

    The Kindle editions do NOT include epubs. I’ll be publishing all the books to Nook as soon as I get Owner’s Share out at the end of June.

  25. The Captain says:

    Chris, I’m looking at a third party service to take care of the iBook and other odd markets. I have a half dozen Nook people and I will be releasing to Nook and Kobo as well.

  26. Julian Weller says:

    I am hanging out for an epub version of the ebooks from double share onwards for a sony e-reader loved the first three books, hopefully i will be able to get them in Australia

  27. The Captain says:

    They’re coming, Julian 🙂

  28. Gabe Thorne says:

    Love your series. I am a truck driver and always on the lookout for interesting audio to help the miles roll by. I happened to stumble upon Captains Share and enjoyed it so much I had to go back and start from the beginning. I have just finished Double Share and about to start on Owners Share. I typically go for more action and suspense, to help me stay awake, but with your writing and reading I was enamored. I look forward to starting your other works and hope you keep up the amazing work. I have many more miles that need need to be in the Golden Age.

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  30. Kirby Moyers says:

    Hoping that someday a nice boxed set of the whole series in paperback can be purchased!

  31. The Captain says:

    I’m looking at how to get the boxes now, Kirby.

  32. Iggy's Pop says:

    Hey… I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to the author of the Solar Clipper series. I have absolutely loved the series thus far and I appreciate his headstrong attitude toward publishing future books, I know it can be rough sometimes but I must admit, it has definately been worth the wait! I found Quarter Share a long time ago on Kindle and I’ve anticipated each release thereafter. I tried the podcasts but just couldn’t get myself to listen and follow along. I’m just about to finish up Captain’s Share on my Kindle, I just realized it had been published. I just wanted to say thanks again for your hard work and I look forward to checking out Owner’s Share when it’s released. Any and all release date updates would be greatly appreciated, no pestering I promise! Also, my significant other expressed some interest but she’s not fond of the e-reader junk and I noticed a mention of a Solar Clipper hardback collection in the works? That would be fantastic, please and thank you. Thanks again for your time and attention!

    Iggy’s Pop

  33. Jane DeBano says:

    I ran across your Solar Clipped books and ordered them all and read them in less than a week. I really enjoyed them because all books and movies to me are about characters-human or not. Even Scifi which I read a lot of, is, for me, about the people. That said, I am looking for Owner’s share. I am fascinated to see how Ish goes from Capt. to owner. Any idea when it will come out in Kindle?

  34. The Captain says:

    IP – Owner’s Share was scheduled for yesterday, but things got a little crazy here and I don’t have all the edits back yet.

    Soon as I do, I’ll get them loaded up, the book formatted, and published. I can’t predict when that might be with the information I have right now.

  35. SlowBow says:

    Captain Lowell,
    Thanks for the great stories. I listen to them over and over again while I’m driving my car.

    I am curious, what is your stance on fan fiction? I’ve had a Billy the Buccaneer short story bouncing around in my head for the longest time and wonder if you would give me permission to let it out…

    Best Regards

  36. The Captain says:

    @SlowBow – there’s a section on the fan forums for fan created content. The caveats include being set in that particular sector and you cannot use any of my characters or ships. Mr. Pall would be off limits. Sorry.

  37. Paul Beerkens says:

    I am really (really really) looking forward to Owner’s share on the kindle. Thank you for writing some fantastic books.

  38. Sam Peterson says:

    Good morning,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing the Golden Age books. I have a desk job where I listen to a lot of audiobooks to keep my eyes opened and when I listened to Double Share I had to hear the whole series. I’m finishing Full SHare today and I’m loving it all.

    I was in the Air Force for a while and love realistic military lifestyle and protocol in fiction or sci-fi, but I’ve never come across anything like this; it’s usually something like “space marines” or nothing more than someone calling someone “Captain” and giving random reports (Star Trek, SG-1, Battlestar, Halo, etc.). I love that this one is so much like the real lives of mariners and Navy crew, but more about the people and the fun of trading instead of battles all the time. It reminds me of trading in EVE Online.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! And if you finish this series it would be great if you wrote more in the same vein of sci-fi with a new character (maybe a woman’s perspective next time?). Thanks again for the great books!

  39. The Captain says:

    A woman’s perspective … what an interesting idea.

    Watch for Smuggler’s Tales next year. Natalya Regyri and her friend Zoya Usoko will have a lot to sake … 🙂

  40. Neal says:

    I finished up to captain’s share about a month ago and tried listening to owner’s share, however I have trouble paying attention to audio books. Any update on when owner’s share will be released in print?

  41. The Captain says:

    It’s still the same … I have three books out with three different editors and as soon as any of them get back to me, I’ll publish them as soon as I can.

    In as much as it’s now January and this is a “writing month” — which means I’m writing a new book and not working on old books — that probably means I won’t be digging into the files until the end of the month (assuming I actually finish this book).

    I’ll post when I have any other news but until I get the manuscripts back, I’m working on other stuff.

  42. Robert says:

    To the author Nathan Lowell that I really loved the Trader Tales. I was told by a friend to listen to the first episode of Quarter Share because I like space/science fiction stories and I listened to it and before I did I was like “oh great.” but that was before I listened to the first episode of Quarter share. Don’t take that the wrong way I do really love space themed stories, it is just that I find that most of the time I preferred the ones that were single books and not entire series. While I might typically enjoy a book they just normally couldn’t make me feel the need to continue with a series past book one even though space themed stories were my favorite type. I did feel the need to continue with the Trader Tales series and just recently finished listening to Owner Share. I mean it isn’t often I’m so hooked that I continue a space themed series after just reading or listening to the entire first book but Quarter Share had me not only hooked to continue which I did, but all after listening to the first episode.

  43. The Captain says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Robert. There’s more on the way. 🙂

  44. Stan says:

    I listened to this two or three years ago. You have set a very high bar when comparing some of the other audio books out there.
    Looking forward to your next work.

  45. Olivier Combe says:

    Hello, I wanted to buy owner’s share on amazon but I can’t because I’m french and I only can buy ebooks from Amazon FR which doesn’t sell this one… this suxx ! I don’t want to get a stolen version… Is there any way i could buy it for my kindle somewhere else ?

  46. Olivier Combe says:

    Ok nevermind, I found it, amazon’s link was wrong I had to search it via google to find it on amazon.. 🙂

  47. The Captain says:

    Whew. I knew it was available there. I’ve sold copies in on Amazon.Fr … Hope you enjoy it.

    Merci beaucoups!

  48. Greg Paul says:

    I have purchased and read all of the Golden Age series in just the past week. I just can’t stop!!!!! Any more books in the series planned? I plan on reading every one of your books, as your style of writing is perfect for my taste in books. Thank you.

  49. The Captain says:

    There are no more Share books planned. We’ve seen all the “shares” there are.

    Ishmael will be back in a new series and we’ll see a series featuring new characters as well.

  50. D Thorpe says:

    If all else is equal which service do you prefer as author and self-publisher? Kindle, Nook Book or Kobo?

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