Ships Of My Fathers

I met Dan Thompson in a writers’ group on Google Plus. He was working on space opera that sounded suspiciously like something I’d like. The book came out recently and I grabbed a sample.

I was right.

TL;DR: Good book.

While you’re waiting for my next book to come out, grab a sample of Ships Of My Fathers and see if you like it. There’s a lot of Ishmael Wang in Michael Fletcher and a bit of Lois McKendrick in the Heavy Heinrich. There are a lot more points of view and the book has a bit more interpersonal conflict than the Share series but I’m looking forward to his next book already.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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11 Responses to Ships Of My Fathers

  1. David says:

    It’s free today (always?) at Amazon, so you can grab the whole thing, not just a sample!

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. David says:

    I’m about 25% done with this book, and I really want to like it, but it reads like a ripoff of the Solar Clipper series. You should either be very proud or very pissed off.

  3. Frankie Gouge says:

    I found it to be a good book but too short.

  4. Wesley says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I just finished Ships of my Fathers and really enjoyed it.

  5. randy hunt says:

    I liked this book too. I hope there are more coming in this series…

  6. Glen says:

    Thank you for the suggestion. I enjoyed the book and the interaction of the characters in the book. It does read very similar to the share books but they are not the only ones of their type out there. The Share books are just the better ones.

  7. Tom Pencek says:


    Thanks for the suggestion. I bought it and I agree: a nice read. Very kind of you to help a fellow writer find an audience for his work.

    Hope you are doing well, and writing up a storm!


  8. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will get the book when it comes out as an ebook at BN.

  9. Lance says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, it was an enjoyable read, though I too thought it felt quite short.

  10. Dan says:

    This was my first space opera other than the Share books, so I’m not familiar with the standard tropes and their frequency in the literature. That said, if immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you must still be blushing.

  11. Ned Chaney says:

    I’m reading this right now. So far it’s pretty good. Several subplots working towards coming together later it looks like. I’m hopin’ it’s later in THIS book, and not later in one of the following ones. Supposed to end up being several in the series.

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