Sense Memory

Once in a while I find a book that’s just so enjoyable that I want to share.

Brion Humphrey – who some of you might know from the Round Table Podcast – has put out his first book. I read it in manuscript a few months ago and I loved it.

To really appreciate how much, this is a psychological thriller. That’s a long way from my genre-preference and yet it’s characters drew me into the action. What was going to happen next? How did this all work? Who *are* these people??

Yeah. It was fun. Very, very fun.

If you’re looking for something to fill in the empty hours before Double Share gets re-released try Sense Memory.

[Transparency disclaimer: I know Brion and worked with his students over last fall in his creative writing class. I’ve appeared on the Round Table twice. He’s a good guy and one that I’d call a friend. He didn’t ask me to promote this book and he’s not giving me anything for doing it. I just wanted to share a good read with you.]

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3 Responses to Sense Memory

  1. kmsqrd says:

    Nathan, you lead me to Debora Geary an author I love dearly so I’ll give a thriller a try.

  2. TheSFReader says:

    Would have bought it straight away after your push, but won’t since it’s Select.

  3. Paul Lockwood says:

    Mid spring update? Just finished reading the series again… And was hoping… And wondering how things were going.

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