Light In The Distance!

First an apology for everybody who has used the contact form on THIS site instead of the one at Because of an address snafu on my part, all your emails went to an email account that collects all my spam now. I’ve gone back to mid April and replied — with abject apologies.

Second the contract story is wrapping up. The story has a flow, I can see the end coming and should have it done in a few more days. I’m honestly a bit leery about predicting this because my history of such predictions is woefully inadequate. If I can just get a draft completed, I will be freed up to get Double Share re-released before I have to deal with contractual revisions. With luck there won’t be too many and I’ll be able to get Captain’s Share out. Finally!

Third Owner’s Share is with the editor. When it comes back, I’ll publish it.

Fourth all the books will be reissued in paperback as well and I’ll be publishing on Kobo and Nook. I will not be releasing on Smashwords. I am still not sure about Apple.

Fifth I will be recording Zypheria’s Call before I start any new books.

My goal is to get all the books out in all the formats by Halloween. Labor Day would be better but I’m just not confident that I’ll have all the pieces I need by then.

So, yeah. I think I see a light in the distance.

I just hope it’s not the headlight on an oncoming train.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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15 Responses to Light In The Distance!

  1. barry t says:

    Very good news.
    Thank you.
    OK, I know they’re not a priority, but are you still intending to publish hardback eds at some point in the future?

  2. Shannon says:

    It’s great news and I’m glad to hear things are coming together! 🙂

  3. Doc Coleman says:

    Best of luck at keeping to the plan!


  4. The Captain says:

    Yes, Barry, I am.

    I need to get them ALL out first, then I can worry about the collectors editions 🙂

  5. Eddy Black says:

    Have you thought about rationalizing your websites?
    I think a while back I subscribed to your newsletter on this site but nothing happened, that option seems to be removed. I have now subscribed on – obviously website management of multiple sites is more time consuming and more prone to issues than a single site.

    I don’t think people would mind going to a main site then to the series of books that they like or to your podcast site. I am sure most would prefer to find out all the stuff you are doing.

  6. Delbert says:

    My friends that hate audio books can’t wait for the paper versions.
    Good to hear things are in transit to port.

  7. Rob says:


    I’m interested in why you won’t release via Smashwords.

    As a non-American I’ve had no problems with their service, particularly now that they have an easy way to find specific authors (via search option). Mind you, this is as a reader, not as an author, so your reasoning may be based on something else entirely…

    As has already been said, I’m very glad to hear that things are moving forward again!

  8. The Captain says:

    Eddy: Way back in olden times, I had a mailing list on Solar Clipper when it was called Trader’s Diary. That software went pfft on me one day and I had to replace it. I now use a new one and the signup for all the websites goes to the same one — so if you sign up here, on or, it’s all the same.

    I’m moving more and more of my stuff onto with links back.

    The important item here is that has been around for years while I only got back from cybersquatters a short time ago. I’m moving slowly.

  9. The Captain says:

    Rob: The main problem with smashwords is that when they take a single file and use it to generate outputs across a variety of formats, they invariably interpret the file differently for each format. I have run into the situation — repeatedly — where a single, correct, “nuclear option” file generated a unique error in output in four different formats. They managed to make a *different* error for almost every file they created.

    I know people who report that they have no issues with the outputs … and I’ve had files work correctly, as well.

    It’s just that when it goes bad, it takes days of work to make it right.

    Things *may* have changed lately, but judging from some of the comments from various authors who are still struggling, I’m not sold on the idea that the new epub uploads actually help.

    For the half dozen sales I get through their various channels (including direct), it’s just not worth the hassle.

  10. Simon R says:

    Zypheria’s Call as a podcast! I’ve been waiting a while for that. Bought the ebook, but much prefer to listen to you reading them first (usually as I drive long distances). Keep battling on – there are a lot of us that really appreciate what you produce for us.

  11. The Captain says:

    It’s coming, Simon 🙂

  12. Adam W. says:

    Congrats on getting the contract work off your desk for now. I do have one question on your production. Any idea when South Coast will make it to e-book? I assume it probably needs editing etc…

  13. The Captain says:

    I’ll be working on getting South Coast out while I’m waiting for the Owner’s Share edits to come back

  14. Jason says:

    I just picked up Double Share from the Kobo website…I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to reading it. Thanks for getting it out in other (non Kindle) formats. One question…and I admit that I am not familiar with the in’s and out’s of this…have you ever considered allowing your books to be carried by libraries in their e-book borrowing system (ie something like Overdrive).


  15. Lisa H says:


    I am so excited about this! I stumbled upon Double Share on Kindle last week (I’ve been checking weekly for months), then I received an email this morning that Captain’s Share was available! I’ve been waiting to read this story for maybe 3 years!! So very excited, I can’t wait to start it!!

    Thank you Sar for all your wonderful words!!

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