Happy New Year

I just realized I haven’t posted here in a long time.

Sorry about that.

I’ve just finished a new story that’s going into an anthology next month. I’ll let you know when the anthology get published.

I signed with Podium to create the audiobooks for the Ishmael Wang stories starting with Quarter Share up to By Darkness Forged (the last Seeker’s novel on the board at the moment). Jeffrey Kafer – an award winning voice artist – will be doing the narration. No, I’m not doing it. No, it wasn’t an option. The point of letting Podium do it was to let me focus on writing new books instead of taking the time away from writing to do the recording and production.

There’s fun stuff in the pipe. I’ll try to do better at keeping you all informed as we go.

Carry on.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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20 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Dan J. says:

    Good to hear from ya Nate! Jeffrey Kafer is good. Not as good as you but He’ll do I suppose. 😉 I look forward to all of it. 🙂

  2. Steve "Turtle" Harris says:

    I’ve never listened to the podcasts but I love reading your books. I am delighted to know you’ll be focusing on writing and look forward to reading more about Ishmael and his friends/crew. Of course, South coast also has me on hold awaiting your next installment as well as the Hermit. Nevertheless, when all else fails, I’ll read one of your books again.

    I had been concerned about the direction Ishmael was going to go after “Owner’s Share” but I was pleasantly rewarded with “In Ashes Born”. Initially, the banter between Ish and Pip seemed a bit much but after rereading the full share series and the In Ashes Born, I see that they did indeed have a lot of such banter. One comment, since Ishmael is no longer making the coffee, now might be a good time to lay off the coffee comments.

    Keep up the great works!!!

  3. David Heyes says:

    So I just today discovered Ishmael Wang, and his adventure as a quarter share. I love it. Seriously, I can’t believe no one has pointed these books out to me before. I wasted most of the day listening to the first six episodes of the podcast.

  4. Robert says:

    Hi when can we exspect the next seeker book iv love the series and cant wait for the second in seekers which I thought was going to be released for Christmas .
    patiantly waiting

  5. The Captain says:

    I have to finish the first Smuggler’s book before I can get to Seeker II. It’ll be May-June, at least, before To Fire Called comes out.

  6. Geoff Griffiths says:

    i’ve been a big fan of your work for years and enjoy reading them over and over. today i went to buy ravenwood again for my kobo ( its gone missing somehow) and was dismayed to find that the series and all the traders tales books were no longer available on the kobo store. are they available at all to people who don’t have kindles?

  7. The Captain says:

    I announced that I’d be going all in with Amazon in October.

  8. Robert G says:


    When might the first smugglers book hit the boards? I eagerly await both this, and a new Ish adventure….

  9. The Captain says:

    It’ll be at least another month unless something extraordinary happens.


  10. Gwyn Evans says:

    Any idea as to when Podium might have In Ashes Born available as a audio-book?

  11. Mike Ferris says:

    It is rare to find a truly great story teller in the vast spaces of the publishing world. I stumbled upon your writing and am now addicted to a substance only you can provide. Ishmael and Pip are my new habit. Keep healthy, drink coffe, eat omelettes and write faster. Thank you for a fantastic read.

  12. The Captain says:

    They were not able to give me a date at the beginning of February. I’ve asked again.

  13. Robert says:

    Lol you can only blame yourself that we clamour for the next book to be released to follow life you have brought to life for us. For you are the one breaths life into the books we cherish . ever book you wright just gives us new characters to love new worlds to expand before us and you sir have us hungry for more of your books any of your books. yes I’m a book junky for your books and Proud of it

  14. Terry Bruce says:

    Just finished reading the first seeker book (on my phone even) and have been a big fan of all your books since i first discovered sometime after full share came out on podiobooks and before double share came out on podiobooks. Left rave review on amazon and I am looking forward to whatever comes out next. until then i’ll just keep trusting lois

  15. Gerald Graves says:

    Any chance that Sarah Krugg might show up

  16. Gerald Graves says:

    Ish could use his shaman around

  17. The Captain says:

    I try to never say “Never”

  18. Rusty says:

    I just finished re-reading the first six Trader Tales, as well as the first Seeker, and they were all just as good as the first time. Maybe better. I’ve also truly enjoyed the three book Ravenwood series. I need to get rolling on Shaman Tales next.

    I LOVE that you don’t populate your stories with a series of wars/explosions/alien invasions. Those stories have their place, but your books have such as well-defined sense of humanity.

    Thank you for what you have written so far, and the undoubtedly great upcoming books.

  19. Shannon Kelley says:

    I have now been to several different pages and I’m still lost. Is there a tentative update on when the next Ish book will be out?. I have read the series elevinty million 😆 Times now.

  20. The Captain says:

    Sadly, no, there is not.

    I need to finish Milk Run before I can write To Fire Called.

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