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In June of 2008, you fans of the Golden Age asked for a forum where you could discuss the books, the universe, and everything. You can find that back on the old server.

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  1. Joshua says:

    My journey with Ish started back in July driving back from Michigan to Utah. My father in law introduced my wife to the series during our visit and after she read quarter share and started listening to half share I became hooked myself. Last night my wife and I stayed up until 2:30am finishing up owners share. Much of my thoughts as I drifted off were of Ish and where his new life will take him.

    Thank you for a wonderful series. I look forward to listening to the series again and picking up on things I may have missed. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent for storytelling.

  2. Pat Boyd says:

    Thank you for a remarkable series. I found Quarter Share on PodioBooks and have progressed up to Full Share, where I am now. Ish is a fabulous character, a brilliant and generous guy who doesn’t know it. I suspect the writer is the same. The voyages in space seem so much like the trips would actually be, long, boring, with dashes of panic and adventure to spice it up. But the telling of the story is not long or boring, somehow moving along at a natural pace, and I love Nathan’s voice. Very well read.

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