9 Responses to Yikes

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the update Sar.

  2. randy d. hunt says:

    Yes, that sounds great. Can’t wait.

  3. Kevin Simmons says:

    Waiting with baited breath!

  4. Frank Cote says:

    That sounds great!

    I wish I could fast forward in time for the next Seeker’s story. In the meantime, counting the days til I can read Milk Run.

  5. John says:

    That sounds great! Can’t wait!

  6. Walter Christen says:

    Just received the post that Milk Run is available on Amazon. Fantastic. Thank you very much. In the post it says “If you read Exile, you got an introduction to Natalya Regyri”. What book is this? I thought I have read every book you have done.

  7. Kevin says:

    I just received an email telling me “Milk Run” was available at Amazon. About 30 seconds later I had it sitting on my Kindle.
    Just to give you an idea how much I enjoy your writing.

  8. Ari B says:

    Well, Milk Run was a day one buy for me. Thanks, skipper!

  9. Roger says:

    Just found and finished the “Share” series of free downloads on LibriVox. Best series I’ve ever read and, at 75, I’ve read a LOT of science fiction. I just sent in a donation to cover some of the value of my enjoyment. I’ve already re-downloaded Quarter Share to start over again. The only time I’ve done that is with Spider Robinson’s “Callahan” stories. Captain, you’re way out there in the deep dark where the stars sparkle.

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