Shipping News …

No, not the book by Annie Proulx — Quarter Share.

Amazon now lists it in stock and Ridan reports they have recieved their initial shipments. I’m waiting for my boxes to show up here in the next day or so and you can order a signed copy of your own right now!

Pretty cool, I think.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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31 Responses to Shipping News …

  1. Michael S. says:

    Congratulations Nathan! This is truly wonderful- my favorite novel is finally in print! Is the signed copy the limited edition that was discussed a few weeks ago?

  2. Nate says:

    The signed, limited editions are in the pipeline. What we have now are the soft cover versions.

  3. I just ordered one, thanks Nate and congrats again! I’ll pick up the limited edition version when it becomes available as well.

  4. Amy says:

    Woot! Off to buy a copy!

  5. Brittany says:

    Congrats! I just bought the signed version….and the Kindle version. I may also come back for the limited edition version. Now I can finally lend this book to my friends who are skeptical about audiobooks!

  6. Kit says:

    I just bought a copy, I hope I one of a large group to do so.
    I have enjoyed the whole series, I look forward to buying the boxed set.

  7. Mike Scott says:

    Sweet! Just ordered it as well. Thanks for writing and recording such a terrific story Nathan. I can’t wait to share it with friends who don’t listen to podcasts.

  8. Ari B. says:

    Off to order a copy. Hooray!

  9. skipincincy says:

    The long wait is almost over! Looking forward to this Amazon package with a lot of excitement! Congrats, Nate, on getting to this point, and here’s to many more release dates to come!

  10. michael says:

    Ridan had the hardcover’s up and available for purchase so I did 🙂 Don’t mind waiting for that delivery as long as I get it 🙂

  11. Alex says:

    Just ordered a limited edition copy!

  12. R Mingus says:

    Bought two paperbacks. And putting in a request at the library for one.

  13. Latz says:

    Argh, once again a printed Podiobook which is not available in Europe after J.A. Areces’ Sorcerer series. Why does Amazon think we don’t want such stuff? At least I got Hutches “7th son” a while ago.

  14. Nate says:

    Order it through Ridan Publishing. The link is right there. We’ll ship you one, no problem.

  15. @Michael – wait, the limited edition hardcover is on sale too? Where is it? I can’t find it on the Ridan site.

  16. Andrew Brown says:

    It’s an honor to buy your book! I’ve wanted one since I became a Clipper-Head!

  17. Andrew Brown says:

    How about a book tour!

  18. Chris Rose says:

    Ordered my limited edition hardcover …. can’t wait, damn the size of the Atlantic.

  19. Michael S. says:

    Can anyone post the link for purchasing a limited edition copy? I haven’t found it on Ridan or Amazon. Is the limited edition out now? According to Nate, it wasn’t yesterday. Has this changed?

  20. michael says:

    @Chess Griffin
    @Michael S.

    The link was sent in an email. There is only 250 and I am presuming the link was sent to the first 250 people who asked to be notified when QS became available.

    I don’t think it is my place to post the link, even if it would be right neighbourly… 🙁

    Email Ridan and ask them to send you the link is my advice 🙂

  21. Ben says:

    Just ordered my limited edition copy!

    And since I just can’t wait I got the digital version at and am reading it on the iPad right now. So exciting and a huge congrats to you Nate!

  22. Michael S. says:

    Ahh, perfectly understandable. Thank you for the information! I will go ahead and shoot them an email then.

  23. joanandemma says:

    Yipee! Just ordered the hardcover, Nate. It has been a pleasure to listen to your books and watch your grow as an author. I’m tickled for you about the publishing deal and am so happy to add your book to our shelves of great novels. Emma, now almost 15, has enjoyed the ride along with me and I’ve ordered the book as a surprise for her birthday. Thanks so much for the gift of your stories. Can’t wait to collect them all in hardcover. And, of course, am eagely awaiting Owner’s Share. 🙂 Best wishes on your sucess – Joan

  24. Diane says:

    Ordered! Hooray! Love you Nate

  25. scott pond says:

    Got my order in!

    Simply Fantastic!

    Been looking forward to this for quite a while, Sar… and I bet you’re even more excited than your loyal crew.

    Congrats Nate! This has been a long time coming and we are all very excited about this first step into publishing your outstanding Trader’s Tales.

  26. Chess Griffin says:

    @Michael, I had submitted my email to be notified but never got the notice! Argh. Maybe it went into a spam folder. Thanks for posting back.

  27. Nate, thanks for posting the link. Just ordered my hardcover to go with the paperback. Thanks!

  28. Doug says:

    Just ordered my softcover…nice amount of demand for a first novel, I must say! Congrats Nate.

  29. James says:

    Lots of work is finally paying off. Great to see it!

  30. Delbert says:

    Just thought I would check in to see how the book thing was coming along and imagine my delight. Order placed!

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