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I’m getting a lot of questions in comments on various threads. Many of the answers are available elsewhere but I’ll try to pull them all together here.

Trader’s Tales:

Yes, there will be more books next year (2013). I’m planning at least another trilogy.

Yes, he’s likely to meet some of this old friends again.

Yes, he will–eventually–find peace. When he does, the series will be over. Be careful what you wish for. I’m not done telling stories with him yet, but I’ve got other characters and other stories set in the Golden Age universe.

I’ve got six matching covers and I’ll be issuing ebook first (it’s easiest), then paperbacks, then hardcover collectibles. I’m currently looking a actually creating a boxed set with this new artwork. With a real box. I know a couple people who do it and I’m thinking “Yeah. Cool.”

Yes, I’m looking at omnibus editions for ebooks. If I do it, it’ll probably be three books in each volume — before and after the Academy.

No, I’m not planning on writing “Ishmael Goes To College” any time soon. Sorry, but after “Back to School” and “Bedtime for Bonzo” I can’t think of anything new or interesting to day. Perhaps when I get around to skewering Education, I’ll take a shot at it. Don’t hold your breath.

Yes, I’m planning on more Odin’s Outpost stories in the Tales From the Deep Dark. They’ll probably be novellas–which reminds me I still need to record “Light in the Dark” for StarShipSofa.

Shaman’s Tales:

I was editing South Coast for print/ebook publication when everything broke loose on the Share books. I was hoping to release that this weekend, but that’s not happening. This will follow the same pattern — ebook then print/hardcover. But I need to get these Share books out ASAP so most things are taking a back seat.

Cape Grace is still on the docket. It’ll come after The Hermit of Lammas Wood–that’s the last book in the first Tanyth Fairport trilogy. I need to get that wrapped up so all those people who won’t start a fantasy series before it’s completed can begin. I’m thinking that this will come between Lammas Wood and the next Ishmael Wang books. I’ve been promising it a long time and I need to wrap it up before I forget 🙂

Tanyth Fairport Adventures:

Yes, Zypheria’s Call is out. Go look at her site for information about that. I’ll be getting that podcast out, too, as soon as I dig out from under the avalanche of Shares. At the moment it’s only available on Kindle, but it’ll show up in my own storefront Any Day Now. I need to get clean epub and mobi, etc. Paper and hardcovers .. see above.

Hermit of Lammas Wood is next. Probably first book of the new year. That’ll give me two months to get this pile carved into shape.


I will be self-publishing all my books from now on. It’s not that I wouldn’t entertain a publisher, but they have to convince me that we’ll do better together than I can do on my own. So far neither of the Bigs who’ve approached me have even come close. Small presses with mainstream contracts shouldn’t waste time with me.

Email list. I only send out an email about three times a year. Some of you have that “Oh, I got this email from you but I’m protected from spam by a firewall that requires you to reply to this message in order to confirm you’re a real person. You only need to do this once…etc.” You folks are not getting the emails. Others of you may be having that email disappear into your spam catchers. I sent out an email to the entire list when Zypheria’s Call released for Kindle in early October. If you’re subscribed to the list and didn’t get that email, let me know.

Time lines. I’m juggling so many balls right now that I expect several of them will fall before I get this all ironed out. I need to work my lawyer to get the business on an even footing. I need to get the old books out so they’ll be available when the new books make it. They all need to be re-edited to take out the stuff that Ridan made me put in and to fix the errors that readers have caught over the years. That all means that I’m not going to be any more specific that I’ve spelled out here — and even those may not make it. The truth is I’m trying to do it all–but I’m also trying to do it right. That takes more time than anybody wants it to–including me.

I’ve also got some personal issues that will likely get in the way. When they do, I’ll share. Until they do, consider this my fair warning. I’ll be struggling with more than just the business.

And I think that’s about all.

Thanks for you support and interest. It really means a lot to me that you all are so engaged in this universe that started out as a lark.

Safe Voyage.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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29 Responses to November News

  1. Tara Li says:

    Sar, you keep her headed in the right direction, we’ll keep the riggin’ lines taut and untangled!

  2. barbinbandon says:

    Thanks for telling about Zypheria’s Call here. I check in every day for news. You’re one of those authors…you write it, I’ll read it.

    Am off to read about Zypheria. Happy camper here.

  3. McKenna says:

    *sigh* I’ll wait. (I hate waiting) And I’ll buy them as they come out. At least now we’ll know that the delay is legit, and not due to Ridan’s lack of professionalism (did you notice that ridan is nadir spelled backwards? :-\ )

    I wish you the best of luck –I suspect it will be tougher than it looks right now, but ultimately better for you and your loyal readers.

  4. Jade says:

    Thanks for the update, Nate! I’m looking forward to whatever you can throw at us in the next year or so.

    As of a year or so ago, I am officially no longer a starving student, so that means I’ll be able to finally buy it all, too! 😉

    /me skips off to go buy a copy of Zyphera’s Call.

  5. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the update and I’m excited about the very full line up you have coming. You know you have a loyal base here that will bend over backwards to help if we can. Just say the word! And keep up the great work!

  6. Delbert says:

    Updates are good, even when they are not what we would like to hear.

  7. Kit says:

    Just remember why you are doing all this, and don’t feel bad if you have to put aside writing to deal with personal issues.

    Are you planning to sell everything through your personal site, or try to work with the smaller ebook sellers like Smashwords? I am fine with either as long as I can get epubs, and the printed box sets.

  8. David says:

    As always, safe travels, Captain.

  9. Sean says:


    Can’t wait to see the new covers – and looking forward to the revised versions. Take the time you need to do them right and don’t hesitate to ask for help (I suspect there are hidden talents out here…), especially when dealing with family/personal issues. I rather believe you are putting more pressure on yourself than we could! You are an exceptional teller of tales and even if you only get a part of your ambitious plan for the next year accomplished it will be welcomed by your fans

    Funny that when you see Ridan in the rear view mirror “nadir” kinda’ stands out… Ah, well. Hopefully some day soon they will figure out what they want and how to get there without hurting others.

  10. Geoff says:

    good to hear an update. looks like the future is exciting.

  11. Kaye says:

    Thanks for the update! I didn’t know about Zyperhia’s Call, just now popped over to Amazon to purchase it. Top on my list of travel reads for Thanksgiving!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m delighted to know a box set might be possible. My earlier editions can be then be dedicated loaners, and the box will be my keeper set. Of course e- books are my instant fix. Looking forward to each and every release!

  13. Lance says:

    Great news! Looking forward to the updated and corrected versions of the books (it’ll be nice to be able to dump the sometimes painful to read Ridan epub versions). I’ll be rebuying/buying in both epub and signed hardback versions as quickly as you can get them to us. As much as I love following the adventures of Ishmael, I look forward to the expansion of your universe through other characters and events even more. Cheers!

  14. Harry says:

    I inquired about a boxed set some time ago and I’m glad to hear it might be available.

  15. Frankie Gouge says:

    I have probably debated about this for a year. I have tinkered around with the idea of starting a wiki for the Solar Clipper Universe. However, as a long time admin at Battlestarwiki, it is a tremendous amount of work if it is properly. I was just wondering if others would be interested. It is a wonderful way to stay immersed in a universe while waiting for further adventures.

    Of course, I value the Captain’s opinion whether this would be a worthwhile pursuit, and whether he would have the time to settle any editorial disputes.

    Just an idea that I would like to toss out.

    Also, in case I have never said it before, you have brought me hours of listening and reading joy that I have found in few other places.

    Stay the course, and keep a weather-eye peeled.

  16. RobG says:

    The best things come to those that wait. At this moment I’m waiting on 6 different series and two are yours. And none of them are coming out soon. But can’t complain, rereading them is just as satisfying as the first time.

  17. Terje says:

    I appreciate the update, and wanted to throw out a hearty thank you for the wonderful Solar Trader stories. They have given me hours of pleasure, and I look forward to reading more of them.

  18. Tom Pencek says:

    Thanks for the update, Captain. I too have been checking in here, waiting to learn something new. You’re doing the right thing with the self publishing direction.

    The boxed sets sound interesting. Good marketing idea!

  19. Michael Mclean says:

    Hello Nathan,
    I discovered your first book about 4 days after I got my Kindle over a year ago now. Since then I have ridden the troughs of despair and the crests of ecstasy with many of your other readers over the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that have befallen you.
    I find your writing style deceptively simple and enjoy the sense of wonder and appreciation your characters give to otherwise commonplace events and senses.
    Anyway, enough of my blathering and blithering all over the forum, I just want to say that i love your books and while I might not like waiting for them I will always be delighted to see them.
    Thank you Nathan, for allowing us readers to share in the journey of your talent and imagination.

  20. Jeff Savage says:

    Nathan, I am so glad you have seized your own destiny. I am so looking forward to the rest of the Solar Clipper books, and the rest of your books, as well. I think you are well rid or Ridan, amd very glad you saw them for what they where. Let me know when new book come out, I will eagerly buy them. Thanks, Jeff

  21. The Captain says:

    I lost track of the comments!

    Sorry about that. I’ve got to tame my email beast so I know where I’m supposed to look for stuff again.


  22. Tara Li says:

    Procmail is your friend, Captain! It’ll pull or copy messages from the server, sort them into nice neat folders for you… Personally, I have procmail pull my mail from different accounts down to my local machine, and then run a personal IMAP server locked down to only accept connects from LOCALHOST (though you might do something a bit different. VPN maybe so you can connect from anywhere as though it were a local machine connection?) That way, Paypal notices end up in one folder, comment notifications for the different sites into another folder, people you have projects going with into yet another…

  23. patrick says:

    Captain I hope the “personal” issues aren’t too serious. I’ve had a few of the serious variety myself this year and I well know how quickly they can dominate your life. Keep the sails trimmed and know that your “crew” is pulling for you.

  24. Lisa Henry says:

    I’m so glad you are rid of Ridan, although it means more work for you. I will be interested to see the difference in editions between your self-pubs and Ridan’s editions. Just know that we’ll buy them as soon as you can get them out there!!

  25. Voi says:

    After a quick search of the web, I could not find any downloadable versions of the “Back to school” and “Bedtime for Bonzo” ebooks… Am I missing something?
    BTW, there is only one ebook available in the store on this site at the moment – what happened to others? It’s not as if they get sold out…
    So, what is happening to the ebook store and where can I find the College stories?
    Thanks and keep the books coming!

  26. The Captain says:

    Back to School and Bedtime for Bonzo are classic movies.

    The first stars Rodney Dangerfield and the second Ronald Reagan. They’re my way of saying, “There’s not a lot of story I want to tell that’s not covered in those two films.”

    At some point I may want to take on higher education as an institution, but for now “Ishmael Goes to College” isn’t a story I can do right now.

  27. Trish Henry says:

    I hope you’re feeling better soon, and for a long time after.

    In regards to your post that Ishmael, “Yes, he will–eventually–find peace. When he does, the series will be over.” I can’t help but wonder if the story sees his “happily ever after” as a sort of death. Like stories and people often treat a “getting married” or “getting the girl/boy” event as “The End.” When in real life, that’s a beginning. Why couldn’t a happy Ishmael continue on his merry way with new stories? Instead of him against the world, it could be him, his partner, his crew, family, etc. against whatever the universe throws his/their way. The series has been so awesome in following Ishmael grow and change as a person. I can’t imagine someone like that not continuing to grow even into old age. His own curiosity would make him always see things with fresh eyes, and there, I imagine, would be the hook. People’s lives don’t end when they find one kind of happiness; they just get more complicated. Imagine the in-laws! Anyway, just something to think about.

    Thanks for your awesome worlds and characters! I’m enjoying them all!

  28. Stephen Gloor says:

    Just listened to the series again and it still enthrals me. I cannot wait until more stories come out. It is completely logical that a lost Ishmael would return to his roots, such as they are, and look up old friends. This would be interesting on so many levels.

    I look forward to the new books.

  29. The Captain says:

    You’ve raised a very important idea, Trish.

    Hold that thought. 🙂

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