Happy Birthday, Ishmael Wang!

Three years ago this month — on January 12, 2007 — I sat down at my keyboard and started to write a novel. At the time, I had no idea if I could. I’d started often enough before in my life and never finished. I didn’t really know if I would finish that one, but I had a goal — Podiobooks.com.

In January, 2007, this podcasting thing was only a couple of years old. Most people had never heard of it, and the idea of a serialized audiobook — the podcast novel — was even more unknown. I found Podiobooks in 2006 and started listening to Earthcore, 7th Son: Descent, and Brave Men Run. I think I went through the whole catalog in a few weeks, and when I finished Nina Kimberly the Merciless, I knew I had to try it. These people were having just way too much fun and I wanted to have fun, too. When I sat down to write the book that you all know as Quarter Share, the goal was to finish the story, record it, and publish it on Podiobooks.

Ten days later, I had my first draft. By the end of January I started recording. Yes, I recorded it in a very poor format on a $20 headset mic in the front seat of my car. Evo helped me get it into the correct form and in February 18th, 2007, the first six episodes of Quarter Share went into the stream.

Since that time, you’ve been with me through 5 ‘Share books, a Shaman’s Tale, and, now, a full on fantasy novel with Ravenwood. You’ve pestered me for the next release, you’ve badgered me about paper copies, you’ve written to publishers on my behalf to get them to print my books. You’ve donated, and rated, and reviewed, and followed me on twitter. There’s a discussion group in a knitter’s community for me. (Hi, Ravelry!) You’ve humbled me with your support and with your enthusiastic embrace of my work.

Normally, I keep a pretty low profile, but this month marks more than one milestone, and I’d like to share them with you.

3 years.
7 Books.
800,000 words.

and one book contract.

Earlier this month I signed with Ridan Publishing to produce Quarter Share in a trade paper edition that will be available soon – at least by the time BaltiCon rolls around at the end of May.

Thank you, all, for your inspiration, your reviews, your comments, and your heartfelt support of the stories over the last three years.

Happy birthday, Ishmael! And many happy returns.

About The Captain

The Captain is Nathan Lowell -- Author and narrator of these Tales from the Golden Age. You can find out more about him at his main website.
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67 Responses to Happy Birthday, Ishmael Wang!

  1. Chris says:

    Congratulations, Nathan! I’m so pleased for you. I’ve loved all your books since I first found them and am eagerly awaiting updates to Ravenwood.

    By the way, I’m very proud to share a birthday with Ishmael Wang; a nice coincidence.

  2. Kelsey S. says:

    I am SO buying your book when it comes out! I listened to the Share series as I ran and it’s still one of my favorites! Now my friends can get in on this amazingness too (since they’re not podiobookers). Thanks for being awesome!

  3. R Mingus says:

    Yes, I have to agree that one the best things about this, personally, is that I will finally be able to share the joy of your stories with all of the people who I know will love them as much as I do, but refuse to listen to audiobooks. The only question is, how many to buy?

  4. Mchael Seeley says:

    Nate, the words “highly deserved” don’t give justice to this, I’m so excited! Congratulations! =)

  5. Ed says:

    Quarter Share returned me to my youth and is in my top five novels I have ever read (will purchase in book form).

  6. Ben says:

    Huge congrats on 3 fantastic years and your first publishing contract! I’m way to excited to get my hands on a copy.

    Also, an even bigger thank you for the novels that you’ve written and read to us.

  7. helen says:

    Congratulations!! Wow, your production rate is so very impressive and your novels are superb. You are an inspiration. Cheers.

  8. V says:


    Regarding the bittorrent thing, you could try to use bittorrent for you rather than against you/Ridan; you already have a free version to distribute.

  9. Mike Beavington says:

    Congratulations Nathan (and Ismael). It’s nice to take stock once in a while and see how things have changed. Keep up the fantastic stories. Perhaps we’ll get to meet at some convention or other so I can shake your hand.

    Your Canadian Contributor.

  10. larksilver says:

    I definitely will buy at least a couple of copies of this one, Nate! I’ve been talking about your books to my fellow reader friends for a while now, but couldn’t get them to listen to the podcast version (fools, to miss out on that mellifluous voice!). I know that if I can put a book in their hands, they’ll be hooked, just as I was. Of course, one copy will have to live on my own little shelf. 🙂

    Congratulations are definitely in order, for all that you’ve accomplished, and naturally for all that the future holds. Now I’m off to go download the next couple of chapters of Ravenwood! Ha!

  11. Megan Pawlak says:

    I have been waiting and waiting for this day! I have SO many friends who would like the series but who are absolutely stubborn about trying to listen to an audiobook. “I like to feel the book in my hands” and all the common reasons. Now I’ll be able to lend/buy them a copy and hook them too! 😀

  12. joanandemma says:

    Hi Nate! Congratulations!! I am so happy you are being published. Emma (teen) and I (Mom) have been with you and Ish (and everyone else in your universes – plural now – happy glee) from the beginning and have enjoyed every word! We made a heart committment to buy your books once in print and I can’t wait to hold those gems in hand! (The audio is great but there’s something about a book in print – new book smell, ownership of the copy 🙂 ) Hopefully all your fans will get over to Riden to pre-order, too! Best of luck and well-deserved success, and of course, we’re looking forward to more novels from you in the future. – Joan

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  15. Brian says:

    Congrats Nathan!!! Couldn’t have happened to a better author.
    A note to all the fans: Be sure to have your local libraries order a copy. Nothing better than the extra book sale and a chance to expose new readers to Nathan’s work.

  16. Congratulations, Beloved Spouzal Unit ™. As usual I’m a day or two late and several dollars short (because I’ve spent them all) but… Wait, are you going to count the outtakes? 😀

    (Oh and since it’s March now… Thank you for being the Beloved Spouzal Unit ™ for the past 25 years.)

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