Happy New Year

While I’ve been posting regularly every month over at nathanlowell.com, I just realized I’m not as dedicated to cross posting over here.

So, with a fond farewell, let me say good-bye 2016 and hello 2017. I’m looking forward to my 10th anniversary with Ishmael Wang on the 12th and to many more years to come. With two more Ishmael books (Seeker’s Tales) and two more Natalya books (Smuggler’s Tales) and who knows what happens after that, there’s plenty to look forward to.

My goal this year is to repeat my four books in a single year achievement. I haven’t managed to accomplish that since 2007. I think it would mark the anniversary in grand shape.

In the meantime, here’s wishing each and every one of you a safe – and profitable – new year.

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Winter Is Coming

The temps have taken a dive and the leaves are turning here on the Front Range. Things are percolating along out in the Deep Dark.

If you haven’t seen them, Podium is rolling out the Ishmael Wang stories on Audible. Jeffrey Kafer’s interpretations are different from mine, but they’re the same stories. They’ll release Captain’s Share this month (on the 11th I think). Owner’s Share drops in November and In Ashes Born in December.

I’m about 29,000 words into To Fire Called – the next Seeker’s Tale. I’m hoping to get it done this month for a November release and Podium has already reserved a block of Jeffrey’s time to record it for a January 2017 release to Podium.

I’m falling behind – again – on paperbacks, but the draw of new work is overwhelming.

That’s a good thing.

I’ll be at MileHighCon in Denver at the end of the month. If you’re in the area, it’s a fun little fan convention with a lot of sf/f authors to rub elbows with. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Until next time, safe voyage.

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New Month!


For those that haven’t found it, Milk Run dropped a couple of days ago. This first book of a spin off series set in Toe-Hold space, features Natalya Regyri and Zoya Usoko in an adventure exploring the other side of the Golden Age. Hint: It’s not what you think.

If you missed the short story “Exile” when the Starbound anthology was available, it’s now the first three chapters of Milk Run. If you read that story and think “What? I read this already?” that’s why.

Podium has the first three Trader’s Tales up on Audible and Double Share is available for pre-order. They’re planning on a title a month until they catch up with me. I still owe them the last two books in the Seeker’s Tales.

I’ll be at the Denver Renaissance Hotel doing a public book signing on Sept 9th as part of the Colorado Gold Conference from 8-10pm. The event is open to the public. If you’re local and can make it, I’d love to see you.

That’s it for now, crew.

Thanks for hanging with me over the years and here’s hoping for many, many more.

Safe voyage.

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May Day

Spring has been snowy here. While it hasn’t stuck, it snowed here all weekend which was good for my writing.

Milk Run is coming together. The origin story – “Exile” – which has done very well in the Starbound anthology – will be coming home in May and I’ll put it at the beginning of Milk Run as the opening chapters. I think part of my problem all along as been it should have been there and I’ve been flailing trying to get it together. The anthology is free for a few days so if you missed it, now’s the time to grab a copy.

In April, I was honored to participate in a panel discussion on indie authors and libraries at the Public Library Association’s annual convention in Denver. It was rather an eye opener for me and I hope I was able to de-bunk some of the myths about self-published books.

I was also honored to be one of three finalists for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Independent Writer of the Year. This is the first time RMFW has offered the award – a companion award to their Writer of the Year award – for the independently published authors in the organization. The membership will vote over the summer and the winner will be announced at the Colorado Gold conference in September (I think). There will be a reception at the Tattered Cover in Denver in August for all the WOTY and IWOTY finalists.

Coming up:
May –
10th – Podium will be releasing their audiobook of Quarter Share. It’s already up for pre-orer.
14th – I’ll be doing a master class on SF/F for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in Golden.

Before the end of the month I have to get the paperback editions of South Coast and In Ashes Born out. It would be great if I could get this first Smuggler’s Tale out, too.

Should be a busy month.

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